Towing and Roadside Assistance

Is your car battery dead; or your tire flat? Are you stuck and looking for a tow for your vehicle?

Although East Coast Collision does not offer towing services, we will assist you and set up towing arrangements for you!

Driving Safety Tips

  • If you’re having problems with your vehicle while driving, coast along the right shoulder away from any curves and the flow of traffic behind you.
  • If your engine fails on a busy road or highway, activate your 4 way flashers and call for immediate roadside assistance. Attempting to navigate a highway on foot can be very dangerous. Exit your vehicle on the side away from oncoming traffic only when you are certain it is safe to do so.
  • If you are able to exit your vehicle safely, set up road flares 50 feet behind your car to prevent a collision.
  • Never stand behind or directly in front of your vehicle since other drivers will have difficulty seeing you.
  • Practice changing your spare tire and ensure you have all the necessary equipment in case of a roadside emergency. Invest in a jack stand in addition to a regular tire jack for increased safety.
  • Exercise common sense. Vehicles breakdown for different reasons and never at the right time. Identify the underlying problem without endangering yourself and call 911 or roadside assistance as soon as possible.

Car Care Tips:

  • Check your tires regularly – A tread depth of less than 2/32” is essentially bald according to the law
  • Check your owner’s manual inside of your glove compartment for the required tire pressure for your vehicle
  • The cooling system in your vehicle should be flushed and refilled bi-annually to prevent damage

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If you require roadside assistance or a tow call us gladly assist you during this process.